Why we love fenced yard areas

Imagine if, your whole life, the only safe way you could explore the world outside your home, is by being tethered by the neck to  another being, who may not share your particular enthusiasms about being outside. Imagine your nose and ears and eyes are all ten inches or less…

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New Rabies Vaccines Research: Protection is Significantly longer than 3 years

New study shows longer immunity of rabies vaccines for dogs

In a recent newsletter, Dr. Jean Dodds reports the following: The Rabies Challenge Fund research study shows that duration of immunity after rabies vaccination in dogs is significantly longer than the 3 years basis which had become the standard assumption for laws in the USA. “The goal of the fund…

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Frontline Plus is Safest! New Dr. Jean Dodds Flea & Tick Advisory

Tick are enemies of our dogs

Frontline Plus is the ONLY  tick and flea preventative used on Kingsdale dogs! We  try to keep abreast with all the health research being done on dogs and more specifically, with Scottish Terriers. Dr. Jean Dodds is an expert whose work we follow closely. This information is provided by Dr….

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Getting To Know You

Thank you for your interest in Kingsdale Scottish Terriers. Please complete this form and then click on the send button. If you do not see a confirmation message, the form was not sent. (There might be an unanswered question!) It’s a good idea to take screen shots of the entire…

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What is the Vaccine Protocol We REQUIRE?

Kingsdale Scottish Terriers requires this vaccine protocol for all their dogs

We try to keep abreast with all the health research being done on dogs and more specifically, with Scottish Terriers. In the past decade, experts and researchers have raised questions and come up with some answers regarding vaccines “routinely” given to dogs. This has resulted in some changes we believe…

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Why You Should Crate Train Your Scottie

Crates are essential for safety for Scotties up to 2 years old because they chew things, and unless you are in the room with eyes on them, every single minute, they can and will chew lamp cords, furniture, shoes, eyeglasses, purses, remote controls, Christmas decorations, books, magazines, mail, door frames,…

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Our List of Scottie Food & Necessities

We us only the specified commercial canned food and commercial kibble you see here.,  ONLY these specific brands and flavors meet our standards for no dyes, chemicals, and quality of nutrients. Every meal, each dog receives some kibble, and some wet food from a can. In addition, they get unspicy…

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Scotties have highest c-section rate for Purebred Dogs in Europe

Kingsdale Scottish Terriers

Many people are concerned about dwindling numbers of Scottish Terriers being born and registered. Two problems the breed has, compared with other breeds, are smaller litter sizes and greater likelihood of need for birth by Caesarian section of Scotties. An article published by Katy M. Evans and Vicki J. Adams,…

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