Our List of Scottie Food & Necessities

We Feed These

Image of Kingsdale Scottish Terriers meal plan
We us only the specified commercial canned food and commercial kibble you see here.,  ONLY these specific brands and flavors meet our standards for no dyes, chemicals, and quality of nutrients. Every meal, each dog receives some kibble, and some wet food from a can. In addition, they get unspicy plain roast chicken breast meat, a portion of a hard boiled egg,  organic pumpkin, sardines, and steamed broccoli. We also feed a probiotic weekly. There are specific other healthy human foods we give as treats or and novelty.

We feed 3 meals a day, 6:30 am, 12:30 pm, 6:30 pm. We always keep treats on hand, and in fact give  one or two kibbles or a portion of one little biscuit every time we place a dog in their crate. All of these food items except the human food, are available from Chewy.

The purple can of wet food on the left is our favorite wet food for all dog ages. The wet food on the right is an alternative that is acceptable as a second choice, only to be used in case of a supply interruption. We do not use any other brands, or flavors of wet foods than these two specific commercial wet foods.

Here are the dry foods  aka *kibble" we approve of for all age dogs.  Again, the food on the left is our favorite kibble for all dog ages. The kibble on the right is an alternative that is acceptable as a second choice, only to be used in case of a supply interruption.


Here are the commercial treats we approve of for all age dogs.
  All beef jerky treat for dogs

We Play With These

You have to be super careful about what you give a Scottie to play with. They are very persistent and vigorous in pursuing the destruction of whatever they enjoy playing with, and you have to monitor carefully the condition of all play things and other chewable in their environment. They have been known to swallow awful things and cause harmful damage to themselves.

Yak Cheese Chews are acceptable toys for Scotties These Yak Cheese sticks are great fun and safe to provide for chewing, but we limit the chewing time to 30 minutes or less on any given occasion. When the sticks get short, we throw them out because of the risk of getting stuck in the throat.



Basic Grooming Tools

Health & First Aid

This is from Chewy. If nail grinding hits a vein.

Keep on hand for Scotties for nail trimming and other small wounds

This is from Chewy. For diarrhea or weekly gut health supplement.

For diarrhea especially and for weekly gut health

This is from Amazon. For weekly or twice weekly gut health.

Probiotic a couple of times a week

Dog Care Items