Kingsdale Scottish Terrier puppy wins first Barn Hunt title at 12 months!

October 19, 2019 -- Congratulations to Kingsdale’s Finnlay On His Quarry, who earned a title in his first Barn Hunt ever!! Superbly handled by his human, Ian St Yves, Finnlay took just 12 seconds to earn his RATI title at Stonehedge Barn Hunt in Andover, New Jersey.

Finnlay is sired by GCHB Sno Pond's Happily Ever Asher, AX AXJ NF. His dam is Miss Nessie of Lochness Princeton, who delighted Kingsdale with three spirited, adorable litters over the past 5 years.

Barn Hunt is the fun, new and increasingly popular dog sport. Since Scottish Terriers were historically developed to keep barns, machine sheds, silos, and houses free from destructive vermin, they have great natural hereditary talent for the sport.. The dogs are challenged to quickly locate live pet rats,  held safely in sturdy, comfortable canisters, that have been hidden amongst bales of hay. Barn Hunt trials give responsible breeders the chance to test and appreciate the their dogs' scent skills.