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Welcome to Kingsdale Scottish Terriers. We are located in upstate New York. We breed purebred Scottish Terriers because we relish the appearance, personalities, talents and characteristics of this breed of dog. The Scottish Terrier population has been plummeting worldwide. We hope to play a small part in ensuring the perpetuity of the breed, so people may experience the joy we feel with our Scotties, for many generations to come. We are Passionate Preservationists.
Scottish Terriers were developed hundreds of years ago, with emphasis on certain physical and mental characteristics that enabled them to efficiently perform vermin control work. Scotties were required to collaborate closely with their humans, but also be independent thinkers and problem solvers.
Hunting, tracking, sighting, digging, all come naturally to the Scottish Terrier. They have very keen eyesight. The impulse to give chase is nearly irresistible! They are persistent in pursuit.
A home that offers lots of interaction with humans, joint adventures, physical activity, and plenty of affection is most suitable for a Scottie. Without these elements to satisfy their needs, Scotties may create their own diversions, which might not be what humans like.
At Kingsdale, we breed sparingly and selectively, seeking to produce the healthiest, smartest, most athletic, best-natured, and well-conformed Scotties one could hope for. We use Puppy Culture techniques with all of our babies and older dogs.
We are especially pleased to anticipate seeing our Scotties compete in conformation, agility, barn hunt, scent work, obedience, or service dog disciplines in the years ahead. A dog like this is our ambition.
We screen and carefully select the homes our Scotties will go to, and are highly selective in our placements. We like fenced yards, experienced dog & Scottie owners, and rewards-based training only. We have a contract that specifies the kind of training and care our puppies will receive in new homes.

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When planning a litter of puppies, we are mindful of Scottish Terrier breed standards for conformation and athletic and vocational competitions. Beyond this, we are looking to produce Scotties free of genetic diseases, who bond well with humans, and are inclined towards good socialization with other dogs.
All the dogs we mate are DNA tested clear of Von Willebrand's disease and CMO (craniomandibular osteopathy). Also they are cleared by lab tests and exam for hypothyroidism and patellar luxation. They are entered into the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) registry. We are active members in good standing of The Scottish Terrier Club of America, The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York, The Scottish Terrier Club of New England, and the Onondaga Kennel Association.
Kingsdale's Brady,
Our opinion is that it is essential to continue to encourage expanded genetic testing that will help us to breed healthier and longer-living individuals. With our choices, we hope to promote a broadened genome for the breed.

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Our newest litter of puppies arrived December, 2023!! Our next litter is planned for the summer of 2024. Everyone, regardless of their Scottie or terrier experience, must complete our questionnaire  and participate in our entire placement process, which includes a reference check, in order to receive any dog from us, or to be added to our waiting list. Please see our FAQ, Getting To Know You!
Two and a half weeks old Scottie Puppies
We provide grooming services for show and companion Scotties. We also will house sit your Scottie(s) or bring them to stay with us if you are planning to travel. Make your arrangements with us well in advance, so we can accommodate  your beloveds!
Nothing better that a ball for fast fun!